‘AGH a good Handyman Inc’ has been built on a foundation of referrals and repeat business. Our customers trust our honesty and integrity, and expect our quality workmanship. To sustain this level of trust, we strive for transparency and efficiency in our business practices, our billing, and our customer relationships.

We have decided to scrap the traditional contractor pricing in favor of a billing method we believe to be fair and serve the homeowners best interest while protecting us from job losses as well. Contractors typically inflate their Firm Price proposals to cover unanticipated circumstances to insure the profitability of a small project.

Instead of offering an inflated fixed price to our customers, we work on a time and materials basis. We provide an estimate with a detailed scope of work listing the anticipated labor and cost of material. We try to estimate time on the long side and then come in under budget on the job. However, because our billing is based on actual time worked and the materials that were used, any labor or materials saved in a project come back to the homeowner. This returns to the customer what the traditional contractor would keep in additional profit.